Mesh (Net)


For big outdoor banners, where wind loads are very heavy, Mesh (net) is the most ideal material. Net is actually perforated tarpaulin with nylon weave that makes it weather resistant, even in areas with lots of rain.

The fact that it is perforated lets wind loads go inside it, thereby reducing the phenomenon of necessary resistance.
We use the net to cover buildings with the printed theme that you wish, for advertising banners, to cover windows giving you the opportunity to look outside without being seen.
To support it, we use steelwork, grommets or we make pole pockets so that it can hang from the poles.

Its weight is 355gr/m2.

Mesh printing is made with eco-friendly inks at high resolution, giving the greatest possible of the colors’ brilliance and clarity.

Let your imagination fly and together we will create the best result.

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