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About us – Large Format Digital Printing for Your Business

XLG focuses on providing our clients with levels of service and support that are currently unmatched in our industry. From our wide array of digital prints and signs, to our market leading stands and constructions, our products are designed to communicate with your target audience and build a visual following that no other medium can imitate.

The Solutions You Need

XLG serves business communities offering all kind of level businesses a quality product at a competitive price with an emphasis on the functionality and utility value of our given materials. We are the number one choice for industry professionals and we serve a variety of clients including architects, graphic designers, sign makers, photographers and advertising agencies just to name a select few.

The XLG Philosophy

XLG has positioned itself amongst the leading graphic design teams in the country and we remain the competitive and innovative leaders. Our focus is, and always has been, on providing innovative ideas, flexible design and scheduling factors and in relying on our many years of experience and expertise to provide our clients with products and service that add intrinsic value to their businesses and an excellent return on their investment.

Our team utilizes the latest, most technologically advanced equipment available and will work laterally with our clients to ensure every project is carried out correctly and accurately from start to finish. By offering our clients the ability to add input to the project, we can ensure that the project delivery times will be on target, relevant and exactly what our clients expect.

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To learn more about XLG, contact us today by telephone at: 210-943-0219 or drop us a line via email at : info@xlg.gr or xlg@hol.gr and let one of our knowledgeable team members assist you and answer any questions you might have about our extensive array of professional services.

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